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You know how important delivery is to your email marketing. eMail marketing remains a part of many marketing strategies. Sign up for CoolAdz email service (you@CoolAdz.com). Free email service by CoolAdz.com is provided by Everyone's Internet! The basic service is free, with many upgrades available. 

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Opt-in lists, such as safe lists, protect you from complaints about SPAM while allowing you to market your product or services to thousands. The perfect safelist is one that has responsive members that READ their email. These are usually  credit-based safelists.

Below are some of the safelists I have used in the past.  Safelist marketing is a lot like Traffic Exchange marketing--too much time spent reading or surfing.  No guarantee response on these safelists.  Try a few and see what works for you.

Make sure you have a huge mailbox for the safelist mail or you will be deactivated by the safelist. You also need a fairly large mailbox for the ADMIN mails and solo ads.

 Safelist Name

Description of Safelist

ActiveSafelist 4,100+ Members. Members can earn credits from the "View Members Ads" Message Board. Solo Ads: $7.95.
AdTactics 10,000+ Members. Earn credits by reading members' emails and by referring other members. Solo Ads: $25.
AdSolutions Over 9,500 Members. Earn credits by reading members' emails and by referring other members 3 Levels Deep! Solo Ads: $35 - Very Responsive Solos.
BusinessWorld Over 80,000 Members. Join FREE. The cost to Upgrade is $12/month and well worth the money.
Cash4uSafelist Over 27,000 Members
FreeSafelistMailer Over 33,000 Members. Pays Affiliate Commissions on 3 levels. Solo Ads: $34.99
Over 3,300 Members. Upgrade to Exclusive Membership and you can submit your Solo Ad every week!
GlobalSafelist Over 10,200 Members. Earn credits by reading members' emails and by referring other members! Solo Ads: $18.95.
GOTSafelist Over 23,000 Members. Guaranteed Reader Solo Ads, Desktop Ads and Lots More!  Solo Ads: $59. Two for $107. 
Herculist Over 56,500 Members. Paid Members get a lifetime subscription to Smart-List Safelist - a VERY responsive list. Solo Ads: $5.95.
InstantProfitList Brand New and already over 3,000 Members. 
Newage Marketing Over 4,300 Members. Earn credits for referrals. Solo Ads: $5.97
Safelister Over 26,000 Members. Earn 10,000 for each referral. Solo Ads: $39.00 
SafelistPro Over 3,300 Members. Refer 5 and get a FREE Pro Upgrade. Solo Ads: $10.95
SafelistXL 3,000+ Members. Solo Ads: $4.99
Solo-Ads Send a Solo Ad to 5000 Members. Solo Ads start at $6.
SuperSoloAds Your Solo Ad to 30,000 Members. 
SuperSafeMailer 900+ Members and Growing Rapidly.
SupremeList 3,000+ Members. Earn credits and cash for referrals. Solo Ads: $7.95
TargetProBlaster Over 30,000 Members.
TargetSafelist Over 3,100 members. Solo Ads: $8.95.
TheMailBagList Over 2,200 Members. Solo Ads: $2.95.
The Traffic Secret Over 2,500 Members. Great Admin. Solo Ads: $3.95.

How Safelists Work

When signing up for a safelist, you must provide two email addresses: contact and list. The list owner uses the contact address for admin messages and some paid advertisements. The list address is the repository of all the safelist mail sent by other members. Depending upon your membership level (free or paid), you are able to login and send mail to all or some of the members periodically. You are expected to read your list mail from other members and to keep your list email from bouncing. Some safelists allow you to login and read your emails online.

Responsive Safelists

What makes a safelist responsive? Members who read the safelist eMails, click on the hyperlinks, visit the websites and make purchases or sign up for the advertised program. How do you insure members do this? Give credit where credit is due. The most responsive safelists are usually credit based, which means you must have credits to send email to the list. To receive credits, you must click the links in the safelist eMails, upgrade or subscribe to list owner advertising eMails (also called solo eMails).

Non-Responsive Safelists

Some list owners use their membership base as their advertising resource. The list owners sell Solo Ads to Contact Addresses to earn money. This is fine if you agree and can opt-out of such mailings. However, combined with the trend detailed below, you will see that the only people really advertising to the safelist members are the ones who pay for an upgraded membership or the list owner.

Dishonest Safelists

A disturbing trend in safelist marketing in the past has been submitters and blasters, with messages being stored on the server!  The marketing by shotgun mailing does NOT work.

Future of Safelist Marketing

The proliferation of bottomless email boxes that claim to be safelist friendly has helped keep safelist marketing viable, despite legislative attempts and the use of filters and lists that almost make safelist marketing impossible. 

Can-Spam Act of 2003 - permitted marketers to send unsolicited commercial e-mail as long as it contains all of the following:

bulletan opt-out mechanism
bulleta valid subject line and header (routing) information
bulletthe legitimate physical address of the mailer
bulleta label if the content is adult

 If you followed all these rules, your email still has to make it through the following to be delivered to your inbox:


SPAM filters - ISPs using an algorithm based on words or phrases to send your email to SPAM and TRASH folders.


Whitelists - ISPs must approve of sender before you may receive email from them.


Blacklists - ISPs have lists of domain names for which they simply do not deliver mail.

Updated 01/28/2011


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